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RF4 collab with Cake! She lineart it while i sketch and color the whole thing. Sorry for taking long to get it done sobs I think it looks better if i add some text on top, and probably look more like a book cover or something- but i lack of creativity ;u;

Thanks for collabing with me! 

AWESOMEEE!! Really good job with the sketch and color!! I REALLY HOPE MY LINEART DIDNT DESTROY ANYTHING LOOL;;; The collab was really fun, thank you!!! 


Dylas being nice to others warms my heart. <3

And don’t worry Leon, I never caught a Lamp Squid myself too…


he actually said that im gonna cry

hiyoko-hime whispered: I DEFINITELY WANT THE K!


Goofy Kiss 17! UvU



On My Game Shelf: Rune Factory 4

Even if this world were the setting for some kind of fictional story…
Nothing would change.
Because no matter what story you’re telling, it’s the characters who choose the ending.

Rune Factory 4 - Bachelors


Daily 145 - Rune Factory 4, a horse Dylas